Why Choose Us?


Crop Drop team

Thinking of joining a veg box scheme? We asked our customers why they love being part of Crop Drop.

Here are the reasons they gave us. If any of these sound like your bag (of veg!), we'd love for you to join Crop Drop and get your weekly supply of fresh fruit and veg from us.


Crop Drop is:


  • LOCAL: We source some of your veg from a glasshouse at Wolves Lane in Wood Green and prioritise produce from nearby organic growers such as Forty Hall Farm in Enfield. In 2021 we sourced 70% of our produce from the UK, with 52% of that within 60 miles of Haringey.
  • SEASONAL: Apart from being better for the environment, sourcing seasonal produce allows farmers to grow different crops throughout the year, which in turn means farm work can be offered year-round, sustaining local workers.
  • ORGANIC:  We source our veg from small scale, organic farmers who follow nature friendly, regenerative methods, and have @soilassociation certification or similar. You can learn more about why this is important on our blog.
  • DELICIOUS: We only source the freshest, tastiest veg year-round, including many varieties you won’t ever see at the supermarket!
  • CONVENIENT: Pick up your weekly bag from your nearest delivery point at a time that suits you – no need to wait around for a delivery at home!
  • LOW CARBON: We never use air-freighted or hothouse produce (fossil-fuel heated greenhouses), artificial fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides. Sourcing seasonally and locally and delivering to drop points rather than door to door keeps our carbon footprint down.
  • ZERO WASTE: Sick of excessive packaging? So are we! Our veg is delivered in reusable bags that have been donated to us, so we're giving a new life to the mountains of unwanted tote bags in the world. Most of our veg comes loose, with leafy greens in home compostable or recyclable packaging. Read more about our efforts to reduce waste.
  • VEG-POSITIVE: We believe all vegetables are beautiful and don’t reject “wonky” or “ugly” veg. You’ll find veg of all shapes and sizes in our bags, including some of mother nature’s more entertaining creations. You can see some of our favourites on our Instagram page.
  • ACCOUNTABLE: We are part of a network of Better Food Traders working to change the food system for the better. We are committed to environmental and social justice.
  • COMMUNITY-MINDED: We're part of the Haringey community. As a local not-for-profit business, we use our profits to fund local initiatives such as the Meals for All project. We often donate excess veg to local projects like Martha House.
  • FAIR: For every £1 spent with us at least 50% is returned to our farmers, (as opposed to as little as 8% with the supermarkets). We are a living wage employer with a director-to-worker pay ratio of 1:2.
  • FLEXIBLE: Choose between three different bag sizes, with or without potatoes. You can also add an optional fruit bag, get your bag every week or every other week, and pause your subscription when you go away on holiday. If you don’t like something in your bag, use your drop point’s swap box to exchange it for something else.
  • RELIABLE: Our short supply chain and good relationships with our farmers mean we can keep supplying you with your weekly bag of veg even when supermarkets can’t.
  • AFFORDABLE: Our veg bags are comparable in price to buying organic at supermarkets like Sainsbury’s or Ocado, with an average difference of £1-2 max, depending on what's on special offer. Our bags already include delivery to your nearest drop point, so there are no hidden fees.
  • FRIENDLY: We’re always here to answer questions, sort out any issues or listen to any feedback or suggestions.
  • SOCIAL: We’re more than just a veg box scheme. Our staff, volunteers and customers often meet online and in person to share recipes and food and support each other. Our local event section and newsletter provide regular opportunities to meet likeminded locals.
  • INSPIRING: Discover new, surprising vegetables and learn how to cook new dishes from scratch with our large collection of easy vegan and vegetarian recipes. Some of our customers even tell us we’ve revolutionised the way they cook!
  • PLANT BASED: We only sell fresh produce in our bags, so we can absolutely help you get your ten a day. Plus, our weekly newsletter includes even more recipes to try if you’re looking to follow a plant-based or flexitarian diet.
  • ESTABLISHED: We just celebrated our 8th year in business and are still going strong.
  • POPULAR: We have a Google review average of 4.9 stars and a significant number of customers who’ve been with us from the very beginning. We’re always doing our best to provide our customers with the freshest, tastiest produce available.


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Alternatively, you can read more about our principles, and sourcing policy, check out our FAQ, find your nearest delivery point (drop point) or see what’s in our bags this week.