A sprouty brunch for two

27 Nov 2017
brissel sprout sautee brunch

This recipe was developed for us by Despina Mina - a fellow Crop Dropper, food enthusiast and blogger. For recipes and local food-related titbits, follow her at ForkedLDN


Love them or loathe them, sprout season is upon us. They’re associated with Christmas lunch, always a side dish but if like me, you’re a fan, then try this little recipe and make them the main event. Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning!


1 tablespoon rapeseed oil
x 1 Leek 
250g Brussel Sprouts
1 finely chopped garlic clove
200ml vegetable stock
2 teaspoons Sumac
1 teaspoon date syrup (or honey)
Salt & Pepper
2 fried eggs



1. Add oil to a heavy based frying pan and whilst its heating up prepare the leek. Discard the greenest part of the leek and take off the outer layers. With a sharp knife, cut the leek vertically, about half way down and fan out the layers, rinse under a running tap to clean any trapped soil. Thinly slice and add to the heated pan.
2. Whilst the leeks are cooking, prepare the sprouts. Cut the tough ends off which will automatically ease off the outer layers and give them a rinse, then  slice each sprout in quarters. Once the leeks have started to turn golden brown, add the sprouts, garlic and the vegetable stock then give it a good stir before adding the Sumac and cover.
3. After 10 minutes, take lid of to let out steam and reduce the stock. Season to taste and add the date syrup (or honey!) to add a little sweetness to it. When the water has reduced down and the sprouts have softened to your liking, take off the heat.
4. Fry a couple of eggs and serve with some buttered toast.

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