Mango Guacamole

09 Nov 2021
Mango guacamole

This recipe was developed for us by north London vegan chef, Tantrem De Bastet. You can see more of his recipes on his site at Follow him on instagram: @vegantantrem.


The mango replaces traditional tomato in this recipe and works so well with the avocados, lime and onion. The result is a guacamole so fresh, you will wonder why all guacamole isn’t always made like this!




2 Ripe Avocado

½ Mango 

½ Red Onion – finely chopped

1 Lime – juice

Salt and Pepper

Coriander – optional



Halve the avocados, remove the pip and roughly mash in a bowl. I like a mix of chunky and mushed but "maker’s choice" rules here.

Carefully remove the pip and skin from the mango and then cube the flesh into 1cm cubes.

Add the onion, mango, lime and seasoning and mix. If using Coriander, add it here – my family can’t stand it which makes me die inside.

Taste and season with more lime, or salt and pepper.

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