Crispy Broad Bean Skins

06 Jun 2022
Crispy broad bean skins recipe

In an effort to reduce food waste and avoid throwing away the skins of broad beans, these make a crispy snack perfect for dipping in sauces and your favourite dips. You can be more adventurous with the coating for frying in terms of spices, but I keep it relatively simple.




150g Broad Bean Skins (or as many as you have)

100g Plain Flour

50g Corn Flour

2 Tbsp Ground Cumin

1 Tbsp Ground Coriander

1 Tbsp Smoked Paprika

2 tsp Salt

300ml Plant Milk

1 Litre of Cooking Oil

Coarse Maldon Salt



Wash the skins and remove the stringy edges and then cut into 2-inch lengths.

Heat the oil to 280C – 300C in a pot or pot or large rimmed frying pan.

Prepare a baking tray or plate with kitchen towel or a wire rack.

Add the plant milk to a bowl and then add the skins to this bowl.

Add the dry ingredients to another bowl and whisk to combine.

When the oil is at heat, take skins and dredge in the flour mixture and then place in the oil.

Fry until golden and crispy before placing on the kitchen towel and giving them a sprinkle of Maldon Salt.

Serve as a snack on their own or with dips like Hummus or with a drizzle of Lemon Juice.



This recipe was developed for us by north London vegan chef, Tantrem De Bastet. You can see more of his recipes on his site at Follow him on instagram: @vegantantrem.

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