Carrot Top Pesto (Vegan)

10 Sep 2021
Carrot Top Pesto

This recipe was developed for us by north London vegan chef, Tantrem De Bastet. You can see more of his recipes on his site at Follow him on instagram: @vegantantrem.



Using an ingredient that is usually thrown away, this vegan pesto uses the carrot tops in substitution for either a Basil or Parsley based pesto. The carrot tops can be a little bitter and blanching them in boiling water for a few seconds will help.




70g Carrot Tops

50g Shelled Walnuts

30 - 50g Olive Oil

2 Tbsp Nutritional Yeast

½ Lemon Juice

½ tsp Salt




Wash and dry the carrot tops. If blanching, plunge the carrot tops into a pot of boiling water for a few seconds, then into cold water and then dry.

Roughly chop the carrot tops and add them to a food processor bowl.

Add the olive oil and blitz for a minute.

Add the lemon juice, walnuts and nutritional yeast and blitz for another minute until finely chopped.

If a thinner consistency is required, add a little oil and continue to pulse until achieved.

Add salt or more lemon to taste.

Use as per any other pesto.

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