Our producers

We work with Urban growers in Haringey and Enfield to supply the veg bags with some super-local produce. The rest is sourced as close to Haringey as possible. We work predominantly with small scale organic farms just outside London - Kent, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge. However, when local produce isn’t available we source fruit and veg from further afield. Rest assured we only work with organic, climate friendly farmers who adhere to our principles.


Ella Brolly, Wolves Lane Centre, Haringey

We source some organic produce at Wolves Lane Horticultural Centre, a former council-run plant nursery turned thriving urban food community hub in a leafy corner of Wood Green. Ella produces an abundance of leafy greens, tomatoes, beans and cucumbers from a glasshouse on site, (right next door to Ottolenghi’s). Wolves Lane Centre is proudly pesticide and herbicide free and they never use chemical fertilisers or artificial inputs. 


Sarah GreenSarah Green, Essex

Sarah Green's Organics is a Soil Association certified farm situated in Tillingham, on the Dengie Peninsula in Essex. Spread over 45 acres, this nature friendly farm is home to a wide selection of seasonal vegetables, which are harvested fresh from the field specifically to order. She sells her produce at farmers' markets and to her own box scheme customers, as well as small veg schemes like Crop Drop. Sarah is particularly proud of her purple-sprouting broccoli, broad beans and caulis, including purple varieties.Sarah is the third generation of Greens to farm this land. You can read about life on the farm in Sarah Green’s Field Notes which goes out in our newsletter every week. 



Martin, Ripple FarmRipple Farm, Kent

Certified organic since 1989, founders Martin and Sarah Mackey know a thing or two about growing wholesome produce without harming the planet. Spread over 14 acres in Kent’s Stour Valley, this small horticultural farm is home to more than 15 different organic potato varieties (Martin is very passionate about potatoes!) as well as wonderful brassicas, salad leaves, carrots, beetroot, squash and leeks. Ripple Farm’s commitment to agroecology, to providing sustainable livelihoods and to building a greener future is an inspiration to us.


Forty Hall FarmForty Hall Farm, Enfield

Situated on the outskirts of London, this farm is run by Capel Manor College, the only further education college in London specialising in learning about the environment. Home to London’s only organic commercial vineyard, Forty Hall is a mixed farm with a variety of animals, a thriving community orchard, a forest garden and a bustling market garden. Matthew Robinson is head grower at the farm and produces a delicious variety of Soil Association certified produce for Crop Drop. As they’re just 20 minutes up the road from us, Forty Hall’s produce helps us keep our carbon footprint down. 


Wild Country OrganicsWild Country Organics, Cambridgeshire

Dr. Adrian Izzard took on his family's Cambridgeshire plot back in the 1990s and hasn’t looked back since! As well as growing a variety of organic salad leaves and tomatoes in lovingly restored greenhouses, Izzard and his team grow field crops, root veg and soft fruit. Izzard is a sucker for the rich scent of a glasshouse full of tomatoes, which reminds him of  school holidays spent picking the crop.





Grahame Hughes OrganicsHughes Organics, Norfolk

Grahame Hughes has been growing organically in Norfolk since 1982 and selling produce from other organic farmers in East Anglia since the early 1990s. After weathering two recessions Grahame had to scale back business but still runs a wholesale business that provides much of the veg for Crop Drop. Amazingly, Grahame is still tending to veg in the greenhouse he first began renting back in 1992 in Bunwell, Norfolk, with the help of his son.



Capel MushroomsCapel Mushrooms, Suffolk

Possibly the first organic mushroom farm in the UK, Capel Mushrooms is our go-to for fabulous funghi. Closed cap white mushrooms, brown cap, portobello and portabellini mushrooms are grown on organic compost at the Suffolk site. The family run business has been organic since 1988 and the team are particularly proud of their compost making facility, (as most mushroom farms rely on bought in compost). 


Mole End FarmMole End Farm, Kent

After realising that the UK fruit market was dominated by imported produce, Paul Ward and Sara Rowan noticed a gap in the market for organic, sustainably and locally grown fruit. And so in 1994, Mole End Farm was born. Ward and his team now grow fruit to Soil Association standards across four biodiversity-rich orchards in Kent. At Mole End Farm pests are dealt with by natural predators rather than toxic insecticides. 


Oakwood FarmOakwood Farm, Sussex

Oakwood Farm is one of our trusted organic apple suppliers. Owned by Matthew and Carol Wilson, it’s one of only a few small licensed organic orchards in the Sussex High Weald. The farm achieved full organic status in September 1999 and has been producing a huge variety of flavourful apples ever since.

Matthew and Carol are keen advocates of farming organically. They say: "Organic production means sustaining a natural, diverse and healthy balance between the crop the farmer introduces, and the surrounding ecosystem of good soil and beneficial wildlife - such as plants, insects, mammals and birds - that control fruit pests."


Newfield OrganicsNewfields Organics, Yorkshire

Championing organic agriculture since the 1980s, Newfields Organics grows delicious, seasonal, certified organic veg on the North York moors. Situated around 650 ft above sea level, Newfields Organics is probably one of the highest organic farms in the country! To this day, the land where our potatoes, carrots, beets, cabbages and other brassicas are grown is mostly hand weeded and picked to order thus ensuring maximum freshness.


Bagthorpe FarmBagthorpe Farm, Norfolk

Nestled in the beautiful countryside of rural North Norfolk is Bagthorpe Farm, a family-run 300 hectare mixed organic farm, growing a superb range of organic vegetables and cereals alongside beef cattle. Bagthorpe strives to produce “healthy, nutritious food in an environmentally sustainable way”. Bagthorpe Farm keeps us supplied with carrots, beets, potatoes and onions, with varieties selected based on quality and flavour. There are also a couple of glamping sites if you fancy seeing how your veg is grown.


Bore PlaceBore Place, Kent

Set in 60 acres of picturesque woodland and fields, Bore Place isn’t just home to Soil Association certified vegetable gardens, it’s also the site of a beautiful historic house, lush organic gardens and a range of accommodation. As well as being havens for wildlife, the gardens here are used as part of The Grow to Grow programme, which provides placements for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people. This site is low carbon too - generating almost 50% of their energy through solar and wind alongside systems to responsibly manage water and waste. 


Langridge OrganicLangridge Organic, UK and Europe

Langridge is a Soil Association certified organic wholesaler selling fresh, organic UK-grown and imported fruit and veg. Langridge now operates out of a solar powered base in west London. It also has its own farms, including Langridge Farm situated amid the gorgeous rolling hills of mid Devon, which is run by David Govier. Langridge allows us to source organic oranges, lemons, avocados and some other lines not commercially grown in the UK.