Drop Point waiting list

Our fruit and veg is proving very popular at the moment and lots of our drop points are full:

blue house yard crop drop cupboard

Craving Coffee

Hale Village

The Woodman


Music & Beans

Cafe Blend

Deli @ 80

We're working really hard to expand the space we have at current drop points and find new places for our veg cupboards. Until then, if you want to collect from one of the above locations, please join our waiting list


Join our waiting list:

Email veg@cropdrop.co.uk

Let us know where you'd like to join, and we'll be in touch to sign you up as soon as we can.

Alternatively, join the scheme at another collection point, and let us know where you would prefer to pick up your veg. We'll move you as soon as a space comes up.

Click here to join the scheme now.