Corona Virus Update

Last updated: 28th Sept 2020


These last six months have brought much uncertainty and disruption to daily life, but we’d like to reassure all of our veg scheme customers that our work will continue, ensuring weekly access to organic, fresh produce for our community as well as support for local food growers. 

Here's a list of drop points which are available to collect from:

Hale Village (Waterside Way, N17)

Hornsey Vale Community Centre (Mayfield Rd, N8)

Blue House Yard (River Park Rd, N22)

Tottenham Green (Town Hall Approach, N15)

The Beehive Pub (Stoneleigh Rd, N17)

Finsbury Park (Endymion Rd, N4)

Deli@80 (Stroud Green Rd, N4)

St. Cuthbert's Church (Wolves Lane, N22)

Middle Lane Market (Middle Lane, N8 7LA)

Downhills (Philip Lane/West Green Rd, N15 4AE)

The Woodman (Archway Rd, N6 5UA)

If you'd rather wait for a drop point that is not yet available, please email to join our waiting list. You can also keep checking back and join our newsletter mailing list to get up to date info.


Drop Points

We’re working hard to ensure any disruption is minimal, and that collection arrangements enable social distancing. We request that all customers collecting from drop points are careful to maintain a 2M distance with other customers and members of the public.  Some of our Drop Points have closed or have changed their opening hours.

So far the changes to Drop Points are:


Wolves Lane - temporarily closed

We've had to deliver all Wolves Lane customers bag to Blue House Yard this week as the cemetery, which we share the drive with, have decided to lock the gates for the foreseeable future due to corona virus. We have an alternative location in the area - St Cuthbert's Church, please see details below. All Wolves Lane customers have been emailed with details. 


St Cuthbert's Church - temporary

The church has very kindly allowed us to put a shed in the gardens of the church grounds whilst our Wolves Lane shed is not in use. 


Middle Lane Market - Open with extended hours

Opening hours are as follows:
Wednesday - Saturday: 10 AM to 7 PM
Sunday: 10 AM to 5 PM

Crop Drop collection times:

Thursdays: 2pm - 7pm

Friday & Saturday - 10am - 7pm

Sunday: 10am - 5pm

They are offering Click & Collect - if anyone wants to add anything from their shop to their veg bag, they just need to do so by the day before, through their webshop here:


Music & Beans - closed

We are diverting current customers to alternative drop points. Please look out for an email from Wendy with further details.


Craving Coffee - closed

We've diverted current customers to alternative drop points.  


Beehive Pub - reopened

The pub re-opened in July following govenrnment guidance on loosening lockdown:

Pick up times:
Thurs & Fri: 4pm - 11pm

Saturdays: 12pm - 11pm

Sundays: 12pm - 10.30pm


Blighty Coffee - Closed

We have an alternative location to for current Blighty customers to collect from - Finsbury Park, please see details below. All customers have been emailed to ask to choose an alternative drop point.


Finsbury Park 

We have two sheds at the entrance of Finsbury park on Endymion Rd.


Deli@80 - Extended hours

You can collect between 2pm and 7pm on Thurs.

All other days: 9am - 7pm (except Sun & Mon closing 6pm)


Hornsey Vale Community Centre - Extended hours

You can now collect some bags a day early, the gates will be open during the following hours:

Weds 3 - 7pm: Collection for Standard and Standard no potatoes bags (plus fruit) only

Thurs 1pm - 7pm: all the rest of the bags available to collect

Friday 8am - 7pm: all the rest of the bags available to collect


Blend - closed

Customers have been temporarily moved to other drop points nearby.


Delivery times

Our deliveries may slow down in the coming weeks – staff shortages at Crop Drop and with our suppliers may mean it takes longer to pack the bags. We’ll keep you informed if pick-up times change.


Could you help your neighbours?

We would like to offer any customers who are ill or in isolation because of COVID-19 a way to still receive their bags without risking their health. We hope to connect you with other Crop Droppers in your area that might be able to drop your bags off for you. If you're on Facebook, join our facebook group where you can start organising among yourselves. We do not advise any unnecessary interactions, but simply placing a bag of veg at a front gate, door or garden for a housebound person to collect later. Again, please use the guidelines set forth by the health services and your best judgment before contacting us.

If you're not on facebook then get in touch with us on and we'll do our best to get our produce to you or connect you with your fellow Crop Droppers.


Staying safe and healthy

We're stepping up our hygiene practices with increased sanitising and hand-washing for all staff and volunteers, as well as asking anyone exhibiting symptoms to stay home.

Official guidance currently states: “Currently there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with food. Before preparing or eating food it is important to always wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds for general food safety.” We also remind you to thoroughly wash your fruit and veg when you get it home.


Keeping you fed

As long as there's still food growing and farmers delivering, we will keep running the box scheme. Growing and sharing food through community networks is more vital than ever and we want you to still be able to eat the most nutritious food in town!

Your Crop Drop team is small, but hard working and committed to the communities it serves. Due to increased workload we may not be able to respond to you immediately but we will make sure you receive all the info you need of any changes that affect you.