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Available collection points

Blighty Coffee

Pick up times:

Thursday 2pm-6.00pm, Friday & Monday 7.30am-6pm, Saturday & Sunday 8.30am-5pm

35-37 Blackstock Road  N4 2JF

Wolves Lane Horticultural Centre

Collection times are:

Thursday - Sunday 9am - 5.30pm

Wolves Lane  N22 5JD


Pick up times:

Thursday 2pm-11pm, Friday to Sunday 7am-11pm

104-106 West Green Road London N15 5AA

Blue House Yard

Collection times are:

Thursday 2pm -11pm Friday-Sunday 8am - 11pm

River Park Road  N22 7TB


Pick up times:

Thursday 2pm-7pm, Friday 8am-7pm, Saturday 9am-5pm

80 Stroud Green Road London N4 3EN

The Woodman

Pick up times:-

Thursdays from 2pm onwards

414 Archway Road  N6 5UA

Chicken Town

Pick up times:-

Anytime from 2pm on Thursdays

The Old Fire Station Town Hall Approach  N15 4RX

The Beehive

Pick up times:

Thursday-Friday 4pm - 11pm, Saturday 12 noon - 1am, Sunday 12 noon - 10.30pm

Stoneleigh Rd  N17 9BQ

The Engine Room

Pick up times

Thursday 2pm onward, Friday to Sunday anytime

109 Vickers Court Waterside Way  N17 9FT

Cafe Blend

Pick up times:

Thursdays 2pm-4pm re-opening at 6pm-10pm, Fridays 8.30am-4pm re-opening at 6pm -10pm

Saturdays 9.30am-4pm re-opening at 6pm-10pm

587 Green Lanes  N8 0RG

Hornsey Vale Community Ce

Pick up times:

Anytime from 2pm on Thursdays

Mayfield Road  N8 9LP

Shine Cafe

Pick up times:-

Thursday 2pm - 7.30pm, Friday 9am-5pm,

Monday 9am-5pm

89-91 Turnpike Lane London N8 0DY