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Seasonal Recipes To Enjoy This Autumn
16 Oct 2020
Autumn is traditionally a time of plenty for our farmers and a real treat for foodies. As the weather cools we’re looking forward to warming soups, hearty stews and terribly indulgent desserts. Over the next couple of months our organic veg bags will be filled with flavoursome orchard fruits such...
fresh produce kitchen
17 Aug 2020
Food waste has reached mammoth proportions in the UK, where households chuck around 6.6m tonnes of food, of which more than half is perfectly edible. At Crop Drop, we’ve partnered with the Felix Project to help tackle food waste at industry level. The Covid Meal project has been transforming...
Seasonal Veg
16 Apr 2020
Our routines have been turned upside down in recent weeks and see many of us finding solace in food. Not everyone though. Incomprehensible to many, some see food as just a fuel and not something to get particularly excited about. Whatever your relationship is with food it can be difficult to...
moroccan blood orange salad recipe
12 Jan 2018
It's true that winter veg is very rooty - but that doesn't mean it's all hearty stews and soups. You can make light, refreshing and filling salads by pairing roast roots with winter fruits. The aromatic parsnip, the floral celeriac, the sturdy carrot can be lifted with the zing of orange or little...
food banquet crop drop
12 Jan 2018
Michael Pollan's famous advice for a good diet; Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly Plants. is so basic it can seem a bit patronizing but what if it could be that simple? At Crop Drop, almost all of us, staff and volunteers, were on some kind of diet last week – hormone cleanse, sugar-free,...
pink fir apples
18 Oct 2017
We get an ever changing variety of potatoes from our farmers and usually these are lesser-known potatoes that are not very widely grown on a commercial scale. This week Crop Droppers will be getting a speciality potato called pink fir apples. Pink fir apples are a heritage potato - they're...
storage of foods
29 Aug 2017
Food waste really upsets us here at crop drop and so we wanted to share some top tips on storage, cos lets face it sometimes we are super sociable and just don't have time to cook all of our produce.. Make your freezer your friend Ice cube trays are a great way to freeze small quantities of...
5 Ways to Spice Up Your Veg Experience
11 Apr 2014
Meet Mr. Aubergine. Every week we deliver bags of weird & wonderful veg #UglyReallyIsBeautiful @EndFoodWaste