5 reasons to join Crop Drop today

21 Jul 2022
Join Crop Drop today and believe in a better food system

Our veg pack volunteers celebrating the end of the Hungry Gap and the arrival of summer produce.

If we asked you what you think is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in your household, no doubt energy usage would spring to mind. In fact, according to the latest IPCC report, it's not heating, but eating which is sending household emissions soaring. 

Food now accounts for roughly 42% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the current food system accounts for 48% and 70% of household impacts on land and water resources (the rates rise in countries - like ours - which consume more meat, dairy and ultra-processed foods).

Ultimately, this means changing how and what we eat is crucial if we care about our future on this planet. That's where your local veg box scheme comes in handy. After all, what better place to start if you're trying to swap out ultra-processed food for fresh, local produce? 

Additionally, as a thank you for making those first crucial steps to change your eating habits for the benefit of people and planet, you can find a limited-time offer at the end of this blog. 

Why Crop Drop?

We set up Crop Drop in response to a growing concern about the damage the supermarket-driven food system was doing to the environment and farmer livelihoods. We have a strict sourcing policy that prioritizes small-scale local farmers. Always organic, never air-freighted with as minimal packaging as possible.

We're a small team of veg-lovers on a mission to transform the food system to something that is healthy, fair and resilient. For almost 10 years Crop Drop has been delivering local organic fruit and veg to the people of Haringey, while helping to develop urban growing initiatives and free meal projects in the area. Recently we've partnered with other local sustainable businesses such as the refill store The People's Pantry and Black-led growers collective Black Rootz which you can read about below. 

5 reasons to join Crop Drop today

  1. We are the only veg box scheme where you'll get to eat organic, seasonal produce grown right here in Haringey. 
  2.  We currently support around 15 smallscale, organic farmers as close to London as possible and we pay them fairly too. 
  3.  For every £1 spent with us at least 50% is returned to our farmers (as opposed to as little as 10%, sometimes less in the supermarket system!) 
  4.  Our drop points encourage you to connect with your community, support other independents and meet your neighbours. 
  5.  For every £1 spent with Crop Drop, a further £3.70 is generated in benefits to customers, farmers, citizens and the planet.


Intrigued? Read on to find out what else we've been up to and take advantage of our special offer.



We're delighted to announce that we've expanded our roster of local growers. Now alongside produce from Wolves Lane and Enfield's Forty Hall Farm, we're bringing Crop Droppers organic veggies from Black Rootz, a local group led by Black people and people of colour. The group is doing amazing work championing anti-racism and equity within the horticultural sector, while simultaneously providing diverse and culturally appropriate crops to Haringey and we're so excited to bring these super delicious, locally grown veggies to our Crop Droppers. Veg schemes like ours are vital for small, local growers who couldn't survive in the supermarket system and might not have the scale yet to supply larger schemes. 



Want to get hold of plastic free, refillable cupboard staples and fresh, organic veggies? We're now offering free home delivery via Ernie the vintage milk float which is operated by zero waste champions The People's Pantry. Currently, this service is available to residents living in the following areas: N2, N3, N6, N10, N11, N13, N8 and N22. Find out more about the partnership on our blog.



Taking part in plastic-free July? A veg scheme like ours instantly reduces your single-use plastic footprint (and is a lot less stressful than your regular supermarket shop). Our veg is mostly delivered loose in returnable tote bags with very minimal packaging. All of our farmers have now switched to home compostable or recyclable packaging - all of which can be returned to us for reprocessing with our recycling partner First Mile, shrinking plastic pollution one veg bag at a time!



We believe everyone in Haringey should have access to organic, ethically-grown produce. But we also recognise that we're in the midst of a cost of living crisis, with many in our community going through financial hardships. We now offer a 20% low income discount to those who feel they need it - no questions asked. 



Being part of a local organic veg scheme like ours is one of the most impactful things you can do for the planet. Whether you're reducing plastic, minimising pesticide exposure or want the people who grow your fruit and veggies to be paid fairly, Crop Drop can help - plus with a standard or large bag it's a surefire way to get your 10 a day! 

Want to eat more of the good stuff for less? 

Use code SUPPORTLOCAL for 30% off your first 4 deliveries. Valid on any size veg bag.

Join our community here and change your relationship with food for good. 

Crop Drop offer, join us today. Use code SUPPORTLOCAL for 30% off your first 4 deliveries

Find a veg bag to suit you here.

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