Add more veg to your breakfast with our #BreakfastInColour special

29 Apr 2022
Heritage tomatoes with borlotti beans, feta and basil

We’re adding our voice to Veg Power’s wonderful campaign to encourage people to add more veg to their breakfast choices. Our recipe section is bursting with yummy breakfast dishes you can try, which are bursting with delicious seasonal fruit and veggies. Whether you're into traditional breakfast dishes or like to mix it up we've got something for you. Move over sugary cereal, make this year the year you get your five a day before lunchtime! 

Up for the #BreakfastInColour challenge? Check out the list we’ve collected below, for some exciting breakfast dishes to try.


Savoury veg-rich breakfast dishes

Vegan bacon made out of daikon

Start your day the right way with a big meal that will fill you up without leaving you weighed down, or opt for a light veggie snack.


Top tip: An easy way to eat more veg and prevent food waste at the same time is to incorporate leftovers from yesterday’s dinner. 


These savoury kimchi pancakes are a great alternative to regular pancakes. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to use kimchi if you don’t have any. You can use a whole variety of veg, including kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and more. They’re also 100% vegan, as long as you use vegan kimchi.

Sprouts aren't just for Christmas folks. This simple brunch recipe with Brussels sprouts is quick and easy to make, and is a great way to add some veg to an eggy brunch. 


shakshuka with fetaSpeaking of eggs, why not try shakshuka, traditionally served for breakfast all over the Middle East? Our version by Alan Rosenthal includes peppers, coriander, feta and preserved lemon to make things even more exciting.

If you're looking for a plant-based way to get your morning protein, try black eyed beans with leeks and cavalo nero.

This summer frittata is the perfect way to use up any fresh or leftover cooked veg you have lying around, and makes a hearty breakfast. Serve it with a side of heritage tomatoes, borlotti beans and basil.


If you've got a bit more time to play with, use up chard in this yummy tart.


Or if you’re the sort of person who prefers a quick bite to eat at breakfast, rather than a full, hearty meal, opt for this green bruschetta recipe, or our broad bean and feta crostini. When in season, UK-grown broad beans are an excellent ethical alternative to avocado. Smashed broad beans with chili flakes, salt, coriander and a squeeze of lemon juice, smeared on toast will give your smashed avo on toast a run for its money! 


And as bacon is a regular breakfast favourite, we present the vegan version, made out of daikon radish!


Sweet breakfast dishes with veg (and some with fruit)

Rhubarb oats

Some of us like to start the day with something sweet, but it’s still possible to add some nutrients to dishes that feel more indulgent. Even though we’re mostly dealing with veg in this post, we’ve left room for a couple of fruity breakfasts too, because we think they’re still better than eating heavily processed breakfast foods (and also because they're yummy!).


These pumpkin muffins are sweet, so don’t feel “too healthy”, even though they contain veg. Perfect as a quick sweet snack next to your morning coffee.

Although treated as a fruit, rhubarb is really a vegetable, and is actually quite good for you. Try incorporating it into breakfast in its rich compote form, or even have it with oats for a traditional breakfast

Pumpkin muffins recipeHaving grapefruit for breakfast is considered particularly good for you, so here’s a way of making it slightly more decadent: baked grapefruit! This simple recipe calls for just 3 ingredients and is incredibly easy to make.

And no list would be complete without traditional sweet pancakes, so here’s our dairy-free take on the classic: apple and cinnamon pancakes. They’re vegan!

Joining the #BreakfastInColour challenge by using any of the recipes listed above? Feel free to tag us in any posts so we can enjoy your tasty breakfast creations!




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