Spring has sprung: what's in season & what is the hungry gap

21 Mar 2022

It was the Spring Equinox on Sunday, which means the days are the same length as the nights, and the longer sunlight hours mean the growing season can really get going. You'll notice a shift in your bag contents in the coming weeks to less roots and more leafy greens, alliums (oniony things) and some more European produce. Why? Well, the next couple of months is the most challenging period in the British veg growers calendar – affectionately named “the hungry gap”

In the early spring, (usually from March – end of May) there is very limited British produce available. Our farmers are busy plating and growing but there's not much ready to harvest. Winter staples like cabbages, squash, potatoes, carrots, onions, and other roots are reaching the end of their season and the new vegetables are busily growing in the fields and polytunnels.

What is in abundance is fresh vibrant leafy greens and alliums which will be a welcome change from all the winter roots! Wild Country Organics in Cambridgeshire starts the spring season off with an array of what we call “hungry gap greens” from their glasshouses. Ripple will be foraging wild garlic from their woodlands. Ella at Wolves Lane will be bringing in colourful crates of salad leaves, herbs and chard and we're expecting some micro greens from local Tottenham grower, MicroFarmN15. Later in the spring there will be rhubarb and asparagus from Bedlam Farm to enjoy. Saeah Green's borad beans have started to flower so not long to wait for those now.


Sourcing from Europe

During this time you'll notice more produce from Italy, Spain, France and Holland in your veg bags. This is to help fill your bags with a variety of produce while we await the full British season to kick in. Otherwise the bag contents would be very monotonous indeed. Rest assured we always source organic produce from Europe, mostly from farmers cooperatives, and it's always shipped, not flown.


In season

From the UK

pak choi, tatsoi, sorrel, mustard leaf, rocket

Spring greens, chard, spinach

Purple sprouting broccoli

Leeks, wild garlic, green garlic (a.k.a. wet garlic)

Spring onions


New potatoes


Broad beans




From Europe



Kohl rabi




Oranges, lemons, grapefruits


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