New supplier: Microfarm N15

29 Mar 2022

This week some of the bags are getting a nutrition-packed dose of vegetable confetti in the form of Tottenham-grown microgreens. Co-founder Nikos told us about the growing process and how best to store and enjoy them. 

Tell us about how you apply organic principles to your urban farm?

''We use 4 simple ingredients for growing these small heroes: seed, soil, light and water. It might be an indoor growing operation and look technologically advanced but the process is really the same as it has been for millions of years. We create the right conditions for the seed to germinate on top of the soil, we provide light and water and these green beauties work their magic. We are not a certified organic producer but there is nothing added to the process apart from organic soil and seed."

How to use microgreens

"Sprinkle them over practically any dish of your choice and you're guaranteed to add extra colour, flavour and nutrition to your plate. Plus, it's an effortless way to increase your greens for the day. They taste amazing on top of stir-fries, pasta or curries and they love sandwiches. You can also combine them with other ingredients to make a bumper salad."

What are the benefits of microgreens?

'Microgreens are essentially slightly older sprouts that are grown in soil instead of water. Compared to sprouts they have the added benefit of photosynthesis and a very similar nutritional value. The seeds have just been activated and all the nutrients are much more readily available for absorption by the body. They might be small but they're a nutritional powerhouse, boasting up to 40 times more nutrient density than mature plants.  

A note on packaging and collecting your microgreens

The microgreens are freshly harvested within 24 hours of the bag's distribution day. We've worked hard to bring your microgreens to you in plastic-free packaging, but that also means their shelf-life is reduced. So please collect your bag as close to your cupboard drop time as possible. Check your collection times here.

To maximise the health benefits and keep them fresher for longer, transfer them to an airtight container or eat them within 5 days. The packaging can be recycled or returned to us for reusing with your empty Crop Drop bag. 

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