Our yearly review: what we've achieved together

13 Jan 2022

On behalf of the whole Crop Drop team, we wish you all a Happy New Year. We hope your 2022 is filled with nourishing meals, kind words, treasured moments in nature, and equal parts rest and revolt! As is tradition, here are some reflections on what we’ve achieved together in the last year. 

With your help, we’ve been able to support 15 smallscale, ethical farmers as well as employ growers locally in Wood Green. What’s more, Crop Droppers raised a whopping £7,000 for the Food For All meal project which, since launching, has sent out 35,000 free community meals using organic, seasonal and surplus produce. We celebrated our eighth year with a new collection point in Bounds Green and there are exciting plans afoot for more. Sadly, we waved goodbye to our packing space at Wolves Lane (temporarily) but we can’t wait to share our progress from our new veg packing base at Grow Tottenham. 

But - and we’re sure you’ll agree - this year hasn’t been without its challenges. From blight to Brexit to erratic weather our growers and farmers, in particular, have had a lot on their plate. And this in turn has impacted what has ended up on yours. This past year, it’s been impossible to ignore the havoc climate change is wreaking on the growing season, making it increasingly difficult to plan ahead. April was exceptionally cold and dry which delayed spring crops while a lack of sun later on reduced yields of summer crops such as our Wolves Lane tomatoes. Additionally, Haringey-grown produce was impacted further by the wet start to summer which saw slugs and snails devour crops originally destined for your bags! If that wasn’t all, the Hungry Gap lasted longer than usual and with local organic produce in short supply, we had to turn to European produce to plug the gaps. 

Despite all this, we managed to source more than 70% of your produce from UK suppliers, with just over half (52%) of this sourced within a 60 mile radius of Haringey. Our grown in London figures are slightly down on last year (5% as opposed to 7%) due to the reasons aforementioned. That being said, we are beating the national average for home-grown veg which stands at 56%. In the coming year(s), we’re striving to bring you more produce from local urban growers and UK-based smallholdings, with a particular emphasis on the regenerative, ethical farming practices we know are so hugely beneficial to pollinators, people and planet. 

You can read up on our principles here and find out more about our organic veg scheme here

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