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10 Nov 2021
Elisa Tricon nutritionist

Local nutritionist, Elisa Tricon, is collaborating with Crop Drop to offer a free recipe booklet each week, crafted around the veg bag contents for that week. If you'd like to receive a series of easy to follow, nutritionally balanced recipes relating to precisely what your veg bag has to offer that week, then click on the link below.

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How does it work?

  • The recipe booklet will change each week, but the link will be the same
  • Once you've signed up you will receive a new recipe book automatically, so there is no need to register again
  • If you have any suggestions, questions or feedback, Elisa would love to hear from you. You can reach out directly at or via her website.
  • Data will not be shared with third parties and will be managed according to GDPR guidelines. 


So who is Elisa?

We asked Elisa a bit more about her background in food and nuturtion and what inspired her to create this weekly booklet

Why did you get into nutrition?

I always loved food and everything related to it - cooking, growing my own veggies, sharing meals with friends and family, exploring different cuisines. The turning point for me was when I became severely ill and was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions – Kikuchi, Hashimoto's, and Lupus – and faced a slow and challenging recovery. I began researching diet and lifestyle to understand how I could mitigate some of my symptoms and "recover" myself. I got so carried away by this research that I actually decided to return to academia and study nutrition. Nowadays, I live a healthy active life, pain and medication free.


How did you get involved with Crop Drop?

I have been a non-exec Director for Crop Drop for the past 3 years. Crop Drop, for me, comprises core values and initiatives I am deeply connected with - community, sustainability, environment - which I aim to embed into my practice. Why is it important for me? Nowadays, our bodies are constantly bombarded with toxins and pollutants, and an increasing number of studies show how these deeply impact our health. The reality is that it is quite challenging to avoid them. My approach is to mitigate exposure as much as possible by making smarter choices by, for example, preferring organic produce. As you likely know, choosing organic, fresh, seasonal and local produce is not only good for us as an individual. The impact of this choice is wider than our own benefit - it supports our local economy and community, and the environment. 


Who do you usually work with?

I tend to work with individuals suffering from chronic conditions which reached a stage where they want to explore other options to support their health and understand what else they can do to get back on track. I also work with clients who have a specific goal in mind, such as weight loss or fertility.


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