Celebrate World Vegan Day with these vegan versions of traditionally meaty dishes

World Vegan Day 2021

Happy World Vegan Day! Originating right here in the UK in 1994 to celebrate the 50th year anniversary of the UK's Vegan Society. Nowdays it's celebrated world wide and is a good opportunity not only to celebrate being vegan if you already are one, but also to try out some vegan food if you're a vegetarian, omnivore or pescatarian. Our recepies section has a huge (and growing!) number of delicious, healthy vegan recipes. As our current resident chef a former meat-love turned vegan, you'll find plenty of traditionally meaty and dairy-heavy dishes that have been lovingly veganised to stay true to the flavour, without using any animal products. Some of these are included below, as well as recipes from our other resident chefs. If you're considering going plant-based but are worried about missing out, we recommend giving these a try.

Vegan alternatives to traditionally meaty dishes

Try this vegan squash and lentil pie as your plant-based comfort food alternative. Warming and filling, it's perfect for this time of year.

Aubergine has quite a meaty texture already. Here it's paired with tofu for a high protein, vegan Chinese inspired dish.

These hearty Swedish stuffed cabbage leaves are traditionally made with meat, but here they are stuffed with vegan alternatives.

Similarly, you can use vegan mince and cheese to stuff gem squash for a quick and comforting dinner.

Jambalaya is traditionally very meat heavy, but this vegan version uses vegetables, seitan and vegan sausages to a great effect.

Get ready for winter with this chilli con swede

And of course, this veggie swede burger can be made with vegan yoghurt for a complete meal.


Quick plant-based pasta sauces 

Try this classic courgette, tomato and rosemary pasta sauce that's filling, but not too heavy.

Not sure what to do with the fennel in your bag? Why not try this lovely, creamy fennel pasta sauce.

This easy red and green pasta is healthy, filling and delicious.

A great use for kohlrabi leaves or other greens, this green-ish pasta sauce is very simple to make.

This autumn pasta dish calls for pumpkin or sweet potato, with added mushrooms for protein and richness.


We hope you'll enjoy these as much as we have and hope to see you at this weekend's climate rally, where going plant-based will undoubtedly be discussed as one of the things we can do to be kinder to our planet.

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