Crop Drop turns eight!

20 Oct 2021
Crop Drop turns eight!

It's been eight years since we set out on a mission to bring sustainably grown, organic fruit and veggies to the people of Haringey, and what a journey it's been! 

Firstly, a huge thank you to you, our Crop Droppers, from the 45 of you who have stuck with us since year 1 to those of you who have just joined us recently. Since our humble beginnings in 2013, we’ve been blown away by your commitment to a better way of eating.

Because of you, we now support around 15 small-scale, regenerative, organic farmers, including growing our own spray-free produce at Wolves Lane. It’s thanks to your generous donations via the Emergency Food Fund that we have a bustling community kitchen, which has served upwards of 13,000 free meals to people most in need in Haringey. What’s more we wouldn’t be able to run Crop Drop without the 160 of you who, over the years, have given up your Wednesday mornings to help us pack the veg bags. We also extend our gratitude to our 11 collection points, who share our passion for ethically-grown produce. The strength of our community is something we can all be incredibly proud of.

But today we are facing unprecedented challenges on a local and global scale. The climate crisis has got a whole lot scarier, and with Brexit and fuel shortages thrown in, it's a stark reminder of how much needs to change. As a non-profit with a very modest marketing budget, we rely on word of mouth to get the word out. With your support we can continue to hope for a healthier, happier world, with localized trade and social enterprise leading the way to a better future that's kinder to people and planet alike.

Thanks again to everyone who's been on this ride with us, in one way or another.

With love and gratitude,

Rachel Dring
Crop Drop founder/director

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