Summer in our Wood Green glasshouse

01 Jul 2021
urban growing wolves lane basil harvest

It's an exciting time to be working in the glasshouse at Wolves Lane. The flowers are popping, the first of the summer veg is forming and it's lovely to spot some natural predators and pollinators doing their thing.

The food we grow for the veg scheme is organically produced. This means instead of turning to chemicals, we encourage biodiversity as much as possible to keep 'pests' at bay and keep our soil healthy. We also plant companion flowers and herbs among our veg. For example basil + tomatoes are well known pals and under planting tomatoes also allows us to be economical with space!

​We're harvesting basil and parsley for the veg bags this week. And very soon our Crop Droppers will be biting into juicy cucumbers, deliciously plump beans and sweet cherry tomatoes, all grown right here in Wood Green, North London

glasshouse crops June

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