Sustainable Gastronomy in Haringey

Beth at Wolves Lane demonstrating sustainable gastronomy

Today is Sustainable Gastronomy day, created by the UN to highlight the importance of sustainable food systems that take into account where the ingredients come from, how food is grown and how everything is transported from farm to plate. Sustainability means growing, transporting, and preparing food in a way that minimises waste of natural resources (including food itself), while providing nutritious food and supporting both food security and biodiversity.

Here at Crop Drop, we’re proud to be part of a growing trend of businesses taking steps to grow, distribute, sell, and serve food sustainably.

We grow some of our own produce on site, work with local organic farmers and prioritise short supply chains, reducing our carbon footprint and minimising waste. We also do our bit for supporting food security by being a living wage employer. You can read more about what we do and how we do it on our principles page.

This year, we’d like to celebrate Sustainable Gastronomy Day giving a big shout out to other sustainable businesses in Haringey, as well as those working on becoming more sustainable and those selling sustainable food and drink. There are some wonderful local restaurants, cafés, shops and other businesses here that are worth getting to know. We hope you'll join us in supporting them today and every day.


Sustainable Restaurants, bars & Cafes in Haringey


Encouraging “green culture” diets, such as a an organic, locally-sourced or plant-based diet is promoted by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) as a way of practicing sustainable gastronomy.

Crouch End’s Aix Restaurant features seasonal menus using organic ingredients, as well as organic and biodynamic wines.

Vegan bistro, Supplant, near Alexandra Palace is holding themed events, featuring vegan versions of popular international dishes. The next event is all about South African food, which should be exciting, as this is usually quite a meat-heavy cuisine. 

Also in Crouch End, the Miranda Cafe offers vegan and vegetarian comfort food and cocktails – a healthy, more sustainable alternative to junk food!

Tottenham’s Craving (formerly Craving Coffee) have recently started composting their food scraps in a wormery and are working to make their ingredient sourcing policy more sustainable – a good excuse for a visit!

Also in Tottenham, Perkyn’s is a great place to try bio and organic wines and local craft beers.


Sustainable Food Shopping in Haringey


Mum’s Wholefood in Harringay is a local health food store that sources many of its products from local North London producers and growers, reducing food miles and supporting local businesses. It’s a great local source for vegan products. They also grow their own pesticide-free herbs.

Loop Store is Tottenham’s newest zero waste / plastic free shop and café, where you can bring your own containers to save on waste.

Speaking of zero waste stores, you already know about Harmless, right?

If you eat fish or seafood, you’ll be happy to know that Sole Share only source from fishermen who fish responsibly and sustainably.

And if cheese is your thing, you can source yours from the Micro Cheesemonger, a local business that started as a way of reducing food waste during the first lockdown and has grown into a local cheese delivery business working directly with British cheesemakers.



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