What's in season this June

01 Jun 2021
organic salad seedlings wolves lane

It's June, the sun is finally shining and we're anticipating the end of the hungry gap and the influx of new season UK crops.

We're still having to import some produce from Europe as we await the local new season produce. This may take a little longer than usual due to the really dry April we had and the lack of warmth up until now. The impact is that plants have been growing very slowly. Hopefully this heatwave will hurry things along a bit! Sarah Green says her new potatoes are still a few weeks away from being ready. And that, along with carrots with tops, are the true marker for us that the hungry gap is well and truly behind us.

In our glasshouse at Wolves Lane, Beth has just planted out the cucumbers & tomatoes, and the french beans will be going in the ground very soon. There will be a bit of a gap in salad leaves as the winter leaves that have been filling our salad bags over th elast few months have finished and been cleared to make way for the cucumbers, tomatoes and beans. The newly planted outdoor summer lettuces will need some time to grow.

So what can you look forward to in your Crop Drop bags this month? Here's what seasonal British produce we're anticipating in June:

Kohl rabi

Broad beans

New potatoes

Spring onions


Carrots with tops


Rainbow chard

Salad leaves






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