New report details the financial and environmental benefits of joining an organic veg box scheme

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It's official: getting your fruit and veg from an organic veg box scheme is great value both financially and in terms of social and environmental impact. 

Last week saw the release of a new report, showing that buying organic food from veg box schemes like Crop Drop generates an over £3 value for every £1 spent. This value can be measured in terms of benefit to consumers, farmers and the environment, with consumers benefitting the most. 

The report was written by thinktank NEF Consulting in collaboration with organic certification body Soil Association. It's based on interviews with customers, farmers and staff at Growing Communities, our friends in Hackney who run a local veg box scheme like ours. 

Results were measured against national indicators of health and wellbeing as well as environmental measures such as wildlife, biodiversity and soil health. 

Both Growing Communities and us at Crop Drop are members of the Better Food Traders network and share the same principles of paying staff and suppliers fairly, keeping the food chain as short and local as possible, encouraging people to eat more fresh, healthy fruit and veg and adhering to strict principles in regards to environmental impact. 

According to the report, here are some of the benefits of buying fresh produce from organic veg box schemes like Growing Communities and Crop Drop:

  • ·        Customers eat more fresh, seasonal produce and less processed food than they did before and they feel healthier.
  • ·        Customers waste less food by cooking from scratch and becoming more adventurous cooks.
  • ·        Customers feel more involved with their community.
  • ·        Buying organic food has a positive impact on wildlife, biodiversity and soil health.
  • ·        The food produces fewer greenhouse gases in production and distribution.
  • ·        Buying seasonal and wonky food cuts food waste on farms.
  • ·        It allows local farmers and their workers to survive and thrive.
  • ·        It creates secure, local, Living-Wage jobs.

In financial terms, the report found that every £1 spent with Growing Communities generated benefits worth £3.46 for the people eating the food; 32p for the environment; 11p for the farmers; and 7p for GC staff. 

You can read the full report here.

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