Vegetable Cake and Dessert Recipes

Vegetable Cake

If you're eating seasonally and supporting local farmers, you may notice that winter produce in the UK can depend quite heavily on root veg and brassicas. Every week we provide recommendations for recipes for our produce, but rarely include desserts. So, we've collated some delicious recipes for unusual uses for your veg this week. Aside from the traditional carrot cake, there are many exciting ways you can use your parnsips, beetroots & cabbage to make delicious cakes and puddings. 

We hope these inspire you, let us know which ones are your favourites!



We love a good carrot cake! Here are a couple of interesting takes on everyone's favourite cake-ready root vegetable.

Carrot & sultana cake
Apricot & root veg cake



Beetroots are sweet and colourful and go well with chocolate. Natural versions of the famous red velvet cake are often made with them. Here are a few beetroot cake and dessert recipes we like. 

Beetroot & chocolate ginger brownies
Surprise pudding
Beets red velvet crinkle cookies



Before sugarbeets came along, parsnips were often used to sweeten cakes and jams. It's hardly surprising, then, that they are an excellent choice for dessert. This parsnip cake recipe makes a nice alternative to carrot cake, or why not try a parsnip pudding?

Sticky toffee parsnip pudding
Honey, parsnip & coconut cake



Swedes are one of those root vegetables that often stump people. This swede cake recipe is perfect for when you're tired of roasting and mashing them as a side. 

Swede cake



Cabbage for dessert?!  Yes, a cabbage cake recipe does exist and may well change the way you look at cabbage forever.

Cabbage & apple cake

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