Buying for the box scheme: Brexit, COVID and the wet wet winter

18 Jan 2021
Buying for the box scheme: Brexit, COVID and the wet wet winter

Sourcing produce for the veg bags has been a bit tricky so far this January. It's a combination of Brexit, covid and weather.  After a year of drought and deluge, many of the farms that supply us have had reduced yields as a result. The current wet weather is making it hard for farmers to get onto their fields to harvest crops. So when the small farms like Sarah Green's, Ripple and Hughes don't have much produce available we turn to the larger farms. But they're having their own set of problems. Brexit and COVID combined are causing labour shortages for these larger organic farms that rely on migrant labour. Their mostly Eastern European workers are struggling to get back into the country so they don't have enough people to do the harvesting. And Brexit is also still affecting imports from Europe - produce is coming through but it is unpredictable as the availability and the prices keep changing.  On top of that, the snow storm in Northern Spain last week has meant there's been very little produce available from Spain. That being said, we're still managing to put together super fresh seasonal winter veg bags for you and luckily we still have good stores of English apples and pears. The produce might be a bit samey for a while as we really have to work with what's available.

We still have lots of good stuff to look forward to though. Hopefully some more purple sprouting broccoli in the next few weeks, lots of delicious greens and those quintessential winter roots. Our Wood Green winter salad is growing slowly but surely so there should be some more ultra local leaves for you in the next few weeks. This week we've sourced some produce from Italy and Netherlands to give you a bit more variety but rest assured it is always organic and sustainably produced and shipped, never flown!

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