Vegan and Vegetarian Christmas Dinner Recipes

22 Dec 2020
Preparing Brussels sprouts

With the last-minute announcement of tier 4 restrictions in London, Christmas is going to look very different this year for many of us. But while we might not be able to have the Christmas we wanted, one thing we can still enjoy is the simple joy of preparing and eating some delicious festive food.

Spending Christmas at home can be an opportunity to try out new recipes without the pressure of having to please the entire family, or opt for a simple, hearty meal that’s still festive, if not 100% traditional. There is much excitement to be found in both trying new things or revisiting old favourites. 

To help you find more joy in this very 2020 Christmas, we’ve collected some of our favourite vegan and vegetarian Christmas dinner recipes, including, of course, some roasted Brussels sprouts. The recipes below are simple, colourful, healthy and hearty - perfect for whatever form your Christmas meal takes this year. 


Vegetarian and vegan Christmas starters and snacks

Vegetable crisps

The ever popular kale chips and these  vegetable crisps are the perfect pre-dinner snack to have with your drink and far healthier than traditional crisps. Both recipes are surprisingly simple and quick and both are vegan. This parsnip and carrot dip is great to have on the side.

For slightly more substantial pe-dinner snack, reach for your cauliflower! These vegan crispy cauliflower pakoras are delightfully spicy and you can easily swap out the cauliflower for other veg, including potatoes.

If a flavourful winter soup is more your idea of a starter, we love this parsnip and apple soup and this warming ginger carrot soup.

Side dishes

Parsnips and kale salad

With so many wonderful ways to prepare vegetable side dishes, it’s difficult to pick just a few, so here are a few classics, as well as some more unusual picks.

If you’re looking for a flavourful way to add greens to your Christmas table, try this recipe for greens with chilli and coriander. You can use pretty much any greens here and you can add more chilli if you want more spice.

For roast veg, we couldn’t leave out one of our most popular recipes, the roast veg tray bake. It lends itself to whatever veg you have at hand and is incredibly simple and always a favourite.

For a slightly different twist on roasted root veg, you can try this vegetarian celeriac recipe or these simple, yet surprising miso glazed turnips, which are vegan, as long as you make sure you pick vegan miso paste.

With an abundance of beetroot in our bumper bags, you could try this easy recipe for beetroot with cumin and dill or, if you prefer your beetroot raw, this quick and yummy beetroot and feta salad..

For an alternative take on roasted parsnips, we love this vegan winter salad with caramelised parsnips, kale and pomegranate seeds. Apart from being healthy and delicious, it also looks amazingly festive.

If you’re feeling decadent, you could opt for this rich buffalo cauliflower recipe or the tangy and surprising chargrilled cabbage recipe

And last but not least, no list of Christmas dinner side dishes could ever be complete without some sprouts. As promised, here’s chef Alan Rosenthal’s unique take on traditional roasted Brussels sprouts.

Vegetarian Christmas Mains

Beetroot bake

No nut roasts here! If you’re tired of this proud, yet often questionable Christmas tradition, here are some vegan and vegetarian main dishes you could choose instead. Hearty bakes and pies are our take on the vegan and vegetarian centrepiece this year.

Pies like this versatile vegan root veg and squash pie can be made with a variety of different root veg, while this simple, yet impressive vegan squash and lentil pie could easily be adapted to be made as smaller, individual pies.

Some winter bakes lend themselves well to a colourful Christmas table, such as this parsnip bake or this bright beetroot and goat’s cheese bake.

We also love this swede steak recipe as the vegetarian alternative to a steak or roast meat dinner. You could easily make it vegan by replacing the butter and yoghurt it calls for with readily available vegan versions.




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