Seasonal Recipes To Enjoy This Autumn

Seasonal Recipes To Enjoy This Autumn

Autumn is traditionally a time of plenty for our farmers and a real treat for foodies. As the weather cools we’re looking forward to warming soups, hearty stews and terribly indulgent desserts. Over the next couple of months our organic veg bags will be filled with flavoursome orchard fruits such as pears, plums and apples, plus an array of root veg, cabbages, pumpkins and plenty of squash. Stuck for meal ideas? The following seasonal recipe ideas prove it is possible to rustle up quick, healthy meals and get your comfort food fix while supporting local food producers who use organic, regenerative methods.


Missing an ingredient? We’ve cherry picked our favourite versatile vegetarian and vegan friendly recipes, meaning you can substitute items with whatever’s in your bag that week. 


Here are 9 seasonal recipes to tuck into this autumn. 


Green bean stew

Green bean stew

This easy, one-pot recipe is a great option for the time-conscious cook. Known as Loubyeh b'zeit in Lebanese, this rustic vegetarian and vegan friendly stew is traditionally made with runner beans or flat beans simmered in a gently spiced tomato base. We’ve used French beans here and you can easily make it vegan by subbing the butter for olive oil or a plant-based butter. We recommend getting in some flatbreads to mop up all the juices. This is naturally gluten-free and can also be adapted to be vegan if you swap out the butter for olive oil.

Find the full recipe here


Cavolo nero spaghetti two ways

spaghetti cavolo nero feta

These light meat free pasta dishes are packed with iron-rich kale and full of flavour. The first blitzes the kale into a pesto with garlic and chili flakes and a sprinkling of parmesan. The second wilts the kale before adding capers, black olives, garlic, cherry tomatoes and feta. Those following a plant-based diet could add nutritional yeast for a tangy hit or experiment with any number of the ever-improving vegan cheeses out there. 

Find the recipe for spaghetti, cavolo nero, garlic and chilli here.

Find the recipe for spaghetti, feta, cavolo nero, olives, capers and lime here.


Vegan squash and coconut curry

squash coconut curry

Turn the heat up this autumn with this easy vegan curry recipe that makes the most of this season’s squash. The coconut makes things extra creamy while the dish is lifted by the addition of coriander and sesame seeds. Use whichever squash you have to hand (be it gem, red kuri, kabocha, harlequin or butternut squash) and serve with a side of seasonal greens sautéed in garlic and chilli. Did we mention this coconut curry is gluten free and vegan-friendly too?

Find the full recipe here


Rustic vegan squash and lentil pie 

rustic vegan squash & lentil pie

Designed by local chef Dish is England, this hearty pie makes the most of what’s in season, combining the sweetness of seasonal apples and squash with a subtle spice from the mustard and garlic. After a bracing autumnal walk, there’s nothing better than tucking into this buttery, flaky pastry filled with chunky veg stewed in a rich lentil gravy. 

Find the full recipe here.


Vegetarian spicy butternut squash soup

mex squash soup

Give this old favourite some added oomph with the addition of paprika and chilli. For this simple yet satisfying soup we used red kuri squash which has dense orange flesh and provides a lovely creamy texture. But you could also use butternut squash, kabocha, hokoido, acorn, crown prince which have a similar taste and texture.

Find the full recipe here.


Roast vegetable tray bake

roast veg tray bake

If you want to make a big impact with minimal effort, try this vegan and vegetarian tray bake using a mixture of whatever veg you’ve got to hand. The secret to this traybake’s success lies in the seasoning. Once everything is roughly chopped and drizzled with oil, add garlic, spices, herbs or the zest of fruit - it’s a perfect opportunity to get creative with whatever you’ve got in your cupboards. 

Find the full recipe here.


Vegan, gluten free apple cake recipe

apple cake

This moist gently spiced cake makes the most of the autumn glut of apples and is one way to sneak more fruit into young children’s diets. This recipe uses a combination of apple sauce, cider vinegar and flaxseed as an egg substitute, making it dairy free and no less delicious. Drizzle with a plant-based cream to ramp up the comfort food factor.  

Find the full recipe here


Vegan pumpkin muffins

pumpkin muffins

Instead of wasting the flesh from this year’s pumpkin carving activities, why not roast it and use it to make these scrumptious vegan pumpkin and cinnamon muffins? This autumnal treat is a quick way to satisfy your sweet tooth without the short crust pastry-stress you get with pumpkin pie recipes. We’ve used a flax egg and almond milk to keep things dairy free. 

Find the full recipe here.


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