We've hit peak Hungry Gap...the only way is up!

27 May 2020
seedlings at Ripple Farm

You may have noticed that there's a lot of European produce in the bags at the moment. Or that the potatoes are sprouting eyes rather quickly. Or maybe the bags feel a bit lighter at the moment. Well, my friends, that's eating seasonally in the spring!

This is the trickiest time of year for produce. It’s peak “hungry gap”, when the harvest of last season’s roots has almost run out, but the new-season veg is only just starting to come in – so it’s scarce and the imported stuff is very expensive. In fact, Danny who runs our wholesalers, the Better Food Shed, described this as “the worst week ever for veg”. Climatic conditions (remember the flooding in early spring?) and Corona Virus have converged to make this the hungriest hungry gap we've ever experienced.

For instance, ordinarily by this point we'd have ample rhubarb, you'd all be getting sick of broad beans already, and new season UK bunched carrots would have just started but they've all been delayed because the farmers just couldn't get early crops in the ground due to the really wet winter.


Nearly theresquash planting

But it will get better! Ordinarily the majority of your veg is locally sourced from the small family farms we work directly with, plus our own growing operation at Wolves Lane. We’re already sourcing green garlic, fresh greens and salad, cucumbers and radishes from our local growers. Over the next few weeks, we’ll start to see new season roots, such as crunchy bunched carrots and beets, new potatoes, spring and green onions, broad beans, courgettes and kohlrabi.

Keeping it fresh

The hot weather makes the produce go off quicker, so please collect your bags as early as you can and store most fruit and veg in the fridge once you take it home. Wilted greens can be perked up by sitting them in a cup of water or soaking in a basin of cold water.

Talk to us

If you ever feel any of the fruit of veg in your bags is not acceptable, do please let us know and we'll make it up to you.

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