COVID Meal Project is on a roll!

covid meal project at Wolves Lane

The COVID Meal Project at Wolves Lane Centre is going from strength to strength.

We have a fantastic team of volunteers who are producing more and more meals each week - last week they sent out 150 boxes of food.

community chefs

And our Crop Drop community has been so generous. We've rasied £382 through Crop Droppers donations to the emergency food fund so far. And we're currently managing to produce 1 meal for £1, so that's 382 meals you've funded so far.

The meals are being distributed to a number of people in the community:

1.       Residents in Supported Housing Schemes in Haringey

2.       The shielded group : these are the people who have been asked to stay home

3.       Families in financial difficulty due to pandemic


We wanted to thank you for your amazing contribution!


If you are yet to donate but haven't got round to it, just drop us an email and we can add a donation to your regular order.

emergency meals corona virusSalad fresh food donation

Whats next?

We're seeking additional funds to help us keep it going as there will be so many people feeling the economic effects of this virus well after lockdown is eased. Our Crowdfund is about to launch so the wider community can chip in. We're also involved in growing more food at Wolves Lane which will contribute to the emergecny food effort. The Crop Drop grower, Beth has joined forces with growers from Black Rootz, London Grown and Organiclea to ramp up the food production at Wolves Lane. The crops will be given away for free to the food banks and hubs, some will go to the meal project to be transformed into nuturious free meals, and, depending on the funding, some of it will be sold at a considerable discount to those most in need.



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