Greens that were destined for Ottolenghi

09 Apr 2020
ottolenghi seasonal greens

We're very lucky to be able to supply our veg scheme customers with organic produce grown at our site in Wood Green. Since Corona Virus hit, we're finding in the food industry that many farmers who would have been wholesaling to restaurants are having to find alternnitive markets for their crops.

sara glasshouse

So we are very pleased to be able to help Sara, one of the growers we share the Wolves Lane Centre with, sell the greens they were growing for Ottolenghi's prestigious restaurant, Rovi, to us instead. This is a win win win situation as it helps Sara stay in work, keeps our box scheme supplied with local greens and takes a bit of the financial strain off Ottolenghi.

These greens are more unusual than what you're probably used to, but will bring any dish up to gormet level. And could there be a better time to get creative with your cooking?!

Here's some tips on what to do with them.

Mustard greens

These punchy leaves are a great component to a salad, if you have other greens to mix them up with. They're a good raw addition to rice or pasta dishes or a nice bit of fresh crunch on the side of a stew.   They can also be lightly stir fried with onions and turmeric.


Broad bean tips

These are similar to pea shoots - they include lovely broad bean flavoured leaves and little flowers. They are great served fresh in a salad or wilted and served with eggs or savoury pancakes.


Chrysanthemum leaves

This is the most out-there leaf we've ever provided in our veg bags. But needs must, and they're very popular in high-end restaurants, so we're told! The leaves have quite a strong flavour, so best included in a salad with other leaves. You can also make a pesto with them.


Use it like rocket

All of these greens can be used like you'd use rocket - added to pastas, rice dishes like risotto or in a salad.


Chrysanthemum pesto


Farro with greens, tahini sauce and pice nuts

In this recipe you can substitute the farro for pearl barley and if you don't have pice nuts, or want a cheaper alternitive, you can use toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds.


Ottolenghi-style risotto


Lemon pasta with pea shoots




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