COVID-19 Meal Project at Wolves Lane

boxing up free meals

Crop Drop is collaboring with the Wolves Lane Centre to start a COVID Meal Project and we're raising funds for it!

We're cooking up nutritious meals and donating them to a local partners who are distributing the food to people that need it the most.

As this pandemic and lock down persists, there's a growing number of people in Haringey that are struggling to access nutritious food. The latest research from the Food Foundation estimates that the number of adults who are food insecure in the Britain has quadrupled under the COVID-19 lockdown. BAME communities are also more affected by the virus, experiencing higher death rate and more severe symptoms. We really wanted to do something to help those that are self-isolating and vulnerable and facing financial hardship.

volunteer meal prep team

Once we came up for air after the first three crazy weeks of lock-down, we started exploring a few different ways that we can work with our partners at Wolves Lane to grow, cook and distribute more nutritious food to people most affected by the pandemic. 


Food Rescue

The first of which is the COVID meal project - we're turning surplus food that would otherwise be thrown away into nutritious meals. We've assembled a small team of volunteer chefs and food preppers and yesterday we did our first day of cooking. We produced over 100 meals which went out to Homes for Haringey and to the Tottenham Food Hub. The food is then sent out to people that need it the most, such as elderly folk, women's refuges, families unable to cope with the financial strain on of this lockdown, basically anyone that's struggling and needs help!

Chef Anne


How you can help

covid food fundWe have links with other groups that can help us reach more people in need such Haringey Migrant Centre and St. Mungoes who help people who are homeless, living in hostels or have no recourse to public funds. We want to feed more people and we need your help to do it!

We currently have very limited funds for this. We're getting some of the food for free from the Felix Project, but to keep it going and expand this operation we need to buy in other supplies – basic store cupboard ingredients, more fresh produce, all the PPE, cleaning products and packaging. 

We've created an Emergency Food Fund that Crop Droppers can donate to. If every one of our active customers contributed just £2 that would raise £860 which could fund another 900 meals (we're pretty thrifty!)


How it works

To donate, log into your online account

  1. Select “edit a current order”
  2. Select “Add new items”
  3. Click on “COVID-19 food fund”
  4. In the "Schedule" drop down list, select the frequency of the donation (one-off, weekly or fortnightly) and click “add to order”

If you choose a weekly or fortnightly donation, we will take this payment at the start of each month, along with your veg bag payments. Once this campaign is finished we will remove the donation from your order. Or you can choose to remove it yourself at anytime.


Or just email and she can add the donation onto your account for you!




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