Christmas holidays & delivery dates

07 Nov 2019
frosty january king cabbage

We'll be closed for Christmas and New Year and our farmers will be getting a well deserved break.

So here's all you need to know about our delivery sates of the festive season

Last delivery of 2019: 19th December 

No deliveries Thurs 26 Dec or 2 Jan

First delivery of 2020:  9th January

On the 19th December we will deliver a bumper bag. As there will be no delivery on 26th Dec, we'll deliver two-week's worth of produce this week, including all your festive fruit & veg essentials.

Click here to see what we're packing in the Christmas bumper bags

Booking Xmas veg holidays - if you need to cancel 19th Dec, we'll automatically cancel the 26th for you too.  No need to cancel the 2nd January - no one will be charged for this week.

What if I just want my usual quantity of veg that week? I'm afraid the bumper bag is the only option on the 19th - we're not able to arrange variations for individuals as it gets hugely complicated and likely to go wrong when everyone's collecting. If you don't want to receive a bumper bag then please cancel the 19th Dec bag.

What if I'm a fortnightly customer?
We encourage you to go for the bumper bag too, as this will be the only veg you'll get from us until 9th January. Wendy will be in touch with you directly to find out what you'd like to do.


Chip in to our Christmas Food Bank Appeal

We're donating some fresh produce to the Tottenham Food Bank on Monday 23rd December. There are so many people in crisis, struggling to make ends meet and we want to do what we can to help. So, if you're going away for Christmas and need to cancel your bags, would you consider donating these to the food bank instead? The more people that choose to do this, the more people we can help! If you'd like to donate your veg email


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