Why Small farms are worth saving

harvesting spinach at Ripple Farm

A great article came out this week in the Sustainable Food Trust: Why we need small farms

Small farms, once the beating heart of the British countryside, are disappearing. A third of UK farms under 50 hectares have been lost between 2005 and 2015. In stark contrast, the number of farms above 100 hectares is on the rise. This is precisely the reason we set up Crop Drop - to help buck that trend. All the farms we work directly with, like Sarah Greens and Ripple Farm are roughly about 16 hectares. We believe they hold the key to a sustainable future. They have such a passion for the land, vast knowledge of sustainable farming and are a huge part of their rural communities - employing local people in meaningful work. They all take great pride in working in balance with nature. For some, big may still be better but for our rural environments, economies and communities, small farms hold the key to a diverse and healthy food system. Sustainable Food Trust have written a very interesting and informative article putting the case for small farm. Well worth a read

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