An organic yoga retreat with Rachel

06 Mar 2018
abi adams movement yoga retreat

Before Rachel started Crop Drop she was a plant-based chef.  This year she's returning to the kitchen to share her delicious dishes and absolute love of good food with you.  This spring she's teaming up with Abi Adams, mind and movement coach, to create a retreat that combines nutrition and movement in a way that supports your energy levels, balances your hormones and allows you to shine and be fully expressed.

Rachel joined Abi's yoga and calisthenics class six months ago and absolutely fell in love with her style of teaching. Abi challenged her to increase her strength, range of movement and nail those handstands, but also opened Rachel's mind to the role food plays in our menstrual cycle - she's learned how to adapt her delicious vegan cooking to be not only irresistible but also something that makes your body zing. 

So we invite you to join Rachel and Abi, and 6 other women, for an intimate 4-day retreat in the beautiful coastal town of Chichester (2 hours from London). Here, with the ocean breeze in your hair, you’ll be inspired to get off your arse and onto your feet, hands, back, front, and side - to challenge your movement and everything you believe yourself to be. You'll reconnect with yourself and uncover parts of yourself that you’d forgotten about.

For 4 days you’ll live next to the beach and your days will consist of yoga (Budokon, Kundalini, Ying), runs to the beach, calisthenics (strength training), hormone education and menstrual cycle awareness (do you suffer with PMS and any other forms of menstrual tension?), beautiful organic food (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks all included), and guided meditations to complete our days of empowerment.

To find out more and for booking visit the event page

Book two places before March 11th for £800, or one person for £450.

Have any questions? Ask Abi