It's still summer in or veg bags, even if it's not outside

09 Aug 2017
Hughes organic tomatoes

This should be peak picnic season but it feels like summer's been thoroughly thwarted. We're not letting the lack of warmth and sunshine dampen our spirits (too much) but it does mean that some crops are two to three weeks behind, which is why it's taken so long for the tomato season to fully kick in. We're also waiting not-so-patiently for peppers and chilies to ripen but I assure you they'll be appearing in the veg bags very soon!  The farmers are being decidedly upbeat about this disappointing weather. Martin at Ripple Farm reports "yet another pleasant week of somewhat limited sunshine and plenty of precipitation, veg crops loving it and so am I!"

It's the other extreme in Southern Europe where the heatwave is having devastating impact on farming. Wildfires are still raging in Italy and Portugal. In Italy, two thirds of farmland have been affected by the prolonged drought and heatwave. Tomato, olive and grape harvests have been particularly devastated. So we could see ourselves as quite lucky we're having a very different summer over here. Martin helps to put it in perspective when he reports, "we even got some rain this week that we didn't really need. What a luxury! Much much much better than 44 degrees celcius heat and drought. Perhaps we don't always appreciate how lucky we are with our "cool maritime climate".

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