New plans at Wolves Lane

04 Apr 2017

We're pleased to announce that Crop Drop has joined a consortium of community food enterprises and educators to take over the running of Wolves Lane Horticultural Centre, a 2-acre former plant nursery in Wood Green.

This is an exciting new opportunity for us to expand our local food offer to the people of Haringey and contribute to a healthy, resilient and inclusive food culture in the borough. The site will provide the capacity to accommodate our growth, expand the proportion of London-grown food we supply and increase access to knowledge and skills in sustainable food growing and cooking. We will grow and distribute sustainably produced food to local residents and businesses and engage a wide range of people in horticultural and food literacy activities.

wolves lane poly tunnel

This was a council-run site that combined plant nursery operations and garden centre with community and schools education and volunteering. Haringey Council have been running the site since 2009 but Government cuts to their budgets led to a reduction in funding. As a result it was agreed that a third party would be best placed to utilise the site and maintain it as a community asset.

So we formed a coalition with a shared vision to transform Wolves Lane into a community food hub and to preserve the extensive rare urban glasshouse infrastructure. The coalition consists of:

  • London Grown, an urban food growers co-operative, who will be complementing their field-scale food growing at Pasteur Gardens with a range of salad vegetables in the glasshouses at Wolves Lane
  • Crop Drop, Haringey-based veg box scheme, who will use the site to expand their distribution and provide an outlet for produce grown on site
  • OrganicLea, who are providing support from experience of running a community enterprise in food growing and training at Hawkwood Nursery
  • Shared Assets, a ‘think and do tank’ which is researching and promoting good models of public land management
  • Dee Woods, BBC Cook of the Year in 2016, who runs food literacy programmes and is a volunteer chef at the Granville Community Kitchen and London Slow Food ambassador

There will be a brief period of transition before we can make the site accessible to the community. We welcome contact from anyone interested in being involved in volunteering or future use of the space.

wolves lane barn

Want to get involved in gardening and natural food growing?

For general enquiries and to register your interest in volunteering with the growing side of things please contact:


Like eating local fruit & veg?

We'll be making our produce available to the Wolves Lane area so if you're interested in signing up for a weekly bag contact

If you're interested in volunteering with Crop Drop to help with packing the veg bags, see our volunteering page for more details


Want to learn how to cook, eat better and understand more about food?

If you are interested in learning healthy food skills and sharing your cultural expertise about food. Contact Dee by email

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