Growing in the city

05 Jul 2016
Crop Drop Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture is really important to us here at Crop Drop. And now that summer is in full swing we're so happy to be sourcing produce from Forty Hall Farm in Enfield, Wolves Lane centre in Wood Green and the Living Under One Sun community allotment in Tottenham. The quality is amazing, the produce is so fresh and the people that grow it are a special breed of brilliant.

Despite the growing enthusiasm (excuse the pun) for urban agriculture, London-grown produce is still quite hard to come by and it's harder than ever for urban farmers to make a living and find suitable land.

Sustainable Food Trust asked me to investigate urban agriculture's potential for feeding cities sustainably.  While a city the size of London could probably never produce all of it's own food, I discovered that we could be growing so much than we already do. Urban growers are really up against it - city planning and policy, on the whole, do not support urban food growing. But there are some really inspiring examples of urban farms that are productive, inclusive and could provide a glimpse of a more healthy, empowering and tastier future. Read the full article here

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