About us

For nine years, Crop Drop was trading as a veg scheme, delivering weekly bags of local organic fruit and veg to people all over Haringey. It was set up to make sustainable produce more affordable and accessible to the Haringey community while also supporting small-scale regenerative farmers and urban growers.

In July 2022 we made the tough decision to cease trading as a veg bag scheme. A variety of factors led to this – a sudden eviction combined with the current economic climate, changing shopping habits and the cost of living crisis has contributed to shrinking order numbers which has made our effort to provide local seasonal organic food financially unviable.

We helped shape the hearts, minds and eating habits of a bunch of people in Haringey in that time and we are now very happy that Growing Communities is takeing over running the operation so that people can still access the same healthy, organic, local food.

Growing Communities are another brilliant veg scheme that has been flying the flag for a better food system since 1993. Crop Drop was initially set up through a Growing Communities start-up programme, so rest assured their ethics and values align with our own. The transition means your veg bag subscription can continue to support sustainable farmers with even more local variety coming from GC's Patchwork Farms in Hackney and Dagenham.

We are so grateful for the nearly nine years we had, for all the amazing volunteers that helped make it happen, the drop point hosts that provided space for us and for the skilled growers who worked all year round in all weather to produce the exceptional fruit and veg.