Our Team

We're a not-for-profit organisation that prioritises local food, direct trade with farmers and short supply chains. Crop Drop is run by Haringey residents and only deliver our service in Haringey. We keep costs down for customers, while giving farmers a fair price and any profits are ploughed back into supporting sustainable agriculture and urban growing.

It all started with Rachel's obsession with food – cooking it, eating it and pondering where it comes from. This developed into a growing sense of wanting to contribute towards a fairer, more sustainable food system that gives people more meaningful relationships with food and the people that produce it. With the help of her trusty friend Yao, her brother's tiny Smart car and support from the Growing Communities Start-up programme, Crop Drop was born and started trading in October 2013.

Crop Drop is now a small team of dedicated local people that are as obsessed with food as Rachel.  Why Haringey? Because that's where we live - it's our favourite patch of London. We believe small-scale food trade is the best way to support urban agriculture and small organic farms. So we're keeping it really local.  You can read more about the rationale behind where and why we source produce in our Sourcing Policy. And read more about the growers we work directly with here.

Alongside our sister box schemes across the UK, the Better Food Traders, we're creating a national network of community-scale box schemes that are changing the food system from the grassroots, helping to create an alternative system that is resilient, farmer-friendly and fit for a zero-carbon future

The Team

Rachel Dring
Managing Director
Wendy Rowan crop drop
Wendy Rowan
Veg Scheme Co-ordinator
Jules Newman
Jules Newman
Delivery & Packing Co-ordinator
Beth Stewart organic grower
Beth Stewart
Box Scheme Grower
Sharon conrad community kitchen coordinator
Sharon Conrad
Community Kitchen Co-ordinator
Kyra Hanson
Kyra Hanson
Veg Pack Assistant & Social Media Officer